Frequently asked questions

You informed us that students will need to have access to a laptop for work both on campus as well as at home. Are there any set programs that I will need to install?

All of our learners have access to Microsoft Office 365 when they enrol, so you can download and use all the MS office software for free while you are a student. This is the only software you will need.

For more information on this please click here https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/education/products/office. Please note that you will only be able to download this software onto your devices once you have enroled onto your course and have a college emaill adress set up.

What equipment is required for an animal studies course?

Equipment lists are being reviewed and will be issued at enrolment – they can also be found on the website here https://writtle.ac.uk/accordion/pdfs/2/Animal%20Care-Equipment%20&%20Materials.pdf. Please note that equipment lists may be adjusted in line with Covid-19 requirements (e.g. face coverings) and we will have that detail in August.

My course requires a placement working with animals for 1 day a week and i'm struggling to find a placement, is there any help avaliable for arranging this?

For Animal courses the placement doesn’t officially start until after the first half term (late October/early November) and we have our own Work Placement Co-ordinator who is dedicated to assisting student find and secure work placements.

If you already have a placement in mind that you are interested in, it would be a good idea to contact them to find out if they are taking students so save a bit of time, but no pressure to have anything definite in place for September, we can help you with this once you have enroled.

Our Work Placement Co-ordinator is currently developing a section that can be accessed on Moodle so once learners have enrolled in August they will be able to access this area and also Jeremy directly who will be able to help them.

When will I know my timetable and my course structure?

Timetables and course information will all be explained in detail during the induction week at the start of your course.

How do I find out about transport into College?

Please visit our Transport page for more information www.wuc-virtualhub.co.uk/transport

Is there a dress code/uniform or anything we are not allowed to wear?

There are no specific rules as long as clothing is suitable for the tasks and appropriate (e.g. sensible footwear, note jewellery and long/false nails are not allowed on the unit for animal welfare reasons)

I'm due to start the Level 3 Animal Studies course in September, are there any course books that you recommened to help with my studies?

There is no set recommended reading list, the only book we advise our Level 3 first years to get is the exam guide. The guide is really only to be used in conjunction with the lessons and only covers the three modules that appear in the exam.


What are the average class sizes for Animal Studies/ Animal Management?

There are normally around 20-25 students per class. The level 2 qualifications normally have a smaller sized class to offer greater support.

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