WUC Students’ Union (WUCSU) is here for everyone from College students to University students.


The Students' Union are here to help each and every student that studies at Writtle University College, to make the most of your time here and hopefully improve your student experience.


We are an extremely enthusiastic group of volunteers and part time members of staff, who get involved with everything around college and above all else looking after your interests.


  • There are on average 12 Students' Union committee members, comprising of four executive officers and approximately seven supporting officers.

  • Elections for the new Students' Union members are held in the early part of semester B (approximately March time). The new members take up their roles in September after a period of shadowing the current officers in post.


Abi Knowles

Student' Union Support Officer


"I am a full-time member of the SU Council and am responsible for ensuring that all of the elected officers fulfil their roles to the best of their ability. I provide support for all aspects of student life - there are not many things that we cannot help with. In the office we have an open door policy and are always able to help with anything, however small it may be."

Kelly Flude

Student' Union President


"As the president, my aim is to work with and represent all FE and HE students. Attending meetings, campaigning for policies, and simply acting as someone to speak to regarding issues or enquiries will all enable me and the SU to create a strong connection between students and the university. This ability to effectively communicate and resolve problems will help make the university environment a better place academically and socially. As after all, there is so much more to a university than its courses!"

Victoria Tait

Vice President (Engagement)


"My role as vice president is to encourage everyone to become more involved with university life and enjoy their time at Writtle. This is with events, focus groups, volunteering and much more. I'll be here to help and support students with any issues they may have and will liaise closely with the SU for maximum support. I am hoping to help with the active promotion of events, helping the smooth running of the clubs and societies and getting students engaged!"

Esme Hills

Vice President (Welfare)



"As Vice President and Welfare Officer, I am here to encourage students to immerse themselves in their university experience. I will be involved in events, as well as the day to day running of the SU. My role also includes providing support for students with welfare issues or those in need of general guidance, while working closely with the Wellbeing Team. My goal is to encourage the use of the university's existing support networks and to ensure that students get the most from their time here at Writtle."

Briony Balcombe

Higher Education Officer



"Hi, I'm Briony and I'm your HE officer for this year! I will represent higher education students by attending SSLC and CSRC meetings, Committee for Students and Education Committee. I will voice the opinions of those studying higher education courses and ensure students are informed on how changes at WUC will affect them. I aim to be a great representative of all the higher education students."

Beth & Grace





"Hi Guys! We are Beth and Grace, the RAG officers for this year's SU. Our role is to represent you and the university by raising money for our selected charities. This year the chosen charities are The National Animal Welfare Trust and RDA. The National Animal Welfare Trust is one of the UK's top animal welfare charities operating six rehoming centres across the south of England and the RDA is committed to providing life-changing experiences for disabled children and adults across the UK."

Joe & Hannah





"Hi, we're Joe and Hannah, we will be your social officers for this year. We will be organising all the social events throughout the year. We both hope that you all can enjoy our events throughout the year and hope these events will help you socialise with everyone. University is a great opportunity to socialise and enjoy yourselves, we hope to see you all at Freshers' Week and beyond so we can all keep making memories to last a lifetime because university only happens once, after all!"


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